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Iskandar Alkhouri AlBeitJali

Sector : Public Figures, Public Figures

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Turkey
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1890
  • Age: 126
  • Curriculum vitae :


Born in Ein Karem in 1890 to a Christian family from Beit Jala; educated at the Greek Orthodox School in Beit Jala; was sent to the Seminary Russian boarding school in Nazareth to study Arabic Language and Literature; then enrolled at the Salesian School in Bethlehem to study French; received a BA in Arabic Literature from the Greek Catholic Al-Fadila Wal-‘ilm School in Beirut where he was tutored by Al-Bustani, a notable Arabic language scholar, during 1902-06; returned to Beit Jala, then moved to Cairo, with the aim of studying law but could not afford it; moved briefly to Beit Jala at a time when writers were wanted by the Ottoman authorities, then went back to Egypt where he worked at the tram station and in the postal service; also translated and published some writings; returned to Palestine in 1908 and taught Arabic and French at the Karak School in Jordan then in Beit Jala; became teacher of Arabic and French at the St. George’s School, the Frères College and the Russian School for Girls; was a member of the Arab delegation sent to Istanbul demanding better Arab representation at the Greek Patriarchate of Jerusalem; fled secretly to avoid serving in the Ottoman army in 1917, seeking asylum in a convent in Jerusalem; studied Law at an evening school in Jerusalem in 1920; was appointed as court clerk during the British Mandate and as head of the Court of Appeal in Jerusalem until 1945; was sent to Latin America on a fundraising mission for the Arab Orthodox shelter for the sick and disabled in 1952; died on 7 July 1973.


Achievements and Awards

Wrote several poems like Heartbeats (Arabic, 1923); published his biography in 1972. Opened a law firm in Jerusalem after the 1948 Nakba; became education inspector for UNRWA in Bethlehem and Hebron until 1952.

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