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Mustafa Salem Bishtawi

Sector : Public Figures, Public Figures

Личная информация

  • Страна местожительства: Palestine
  • Пол: Male
  • Born in: 1943
  • key_age: 73
  • Резюме :


Born in Jiser Al-Majam’a, Jordan Valley near Bisan, in 1943; moved with his family to Jordan in 1948; early education in Al-Shunah Al-Shamaliyyeh, completed high school at Hassan Al-Sabah School in Irbid, Jordan in 1964; joined Fateh in 1964 and its Military Wing in 1965; received a BA in Islamic History from the Arab University in Beirut; later also studied Islamic Economy at Yarmouk University, Jordan; received training at Namkeen Military College in China during July-Dec. 1967; became Fateh’s Operation Officer for the central sector in Salt, Jordan, in 1968, then Deputy Commander of the northern sector in Irbid in 1969; established the Palestinian revolution forces later that year in the Al-Arqoub area (known as “Fateh land”) in Lebanon; established the Golan sector at the Syrian front and was involved in the Sept. 1970 fighting; headed the paratroop unit and fought in the October War in 1973; became head of the September Martyrs Brigade in Tyre, Lebanon, in 1975; participated in the civil war in Lebanon in the mid-1970s; became Deputy Commander of North Lebanon that same year; joined on behalf of the PLO a field mission in 1974 in Vietnam to study the Vietnamese revolution; studied at the College of Vistrel, Moscow, 1978; became Commander of the Yarmouk forces in 1979; moved with the PLO to Tunisia in 1982; became Commander of the Al-Karameh forces in Jordan in 1986; was elected member of the Fateh Central Committee in Aug. 1989; returned to Gaza on 8 May 1994 with the establishment of the PA and became head of the General Security and the Palestinian Police, with the rank of Major-General, based in Gaza; from 1995, responsible for joint Israeli-Palestinian patrols in Gaza; oversaw the Israeli army withdrawal from Jenin in Nov. 1996; remained head of the Public Security Forces in Gaza; became member (Interior Minister) in the Oct. 2003 Emergency Govt. of the PA (until Nov. 2003); nominated as Minister of Interior and National Security in the Ahmed Qrei’a Cabinet, approved by the PLC on 16 Feb. 2005 (until after the Jan. 2006 PLC elections).


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