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Marwan Mohamad Abu Ras

Marwan Mohamad Abu Ras

Sector : Public Figures, Public Figures

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1958
  • Age: 58
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Biographical Information
• Born 1958
• From Gaza City
• Married
• Son was killed in 2005

Personal History
• Elementary Education in Salah Eddine School in Gaza
• Preparatory Education in al-Yarmouk Preparatory School
• Preparatory School and his Secondary Education in Yafa High School
• 1982 Received Bachelor Degree
• 1986 Received Masters Degree
• 1994 Received PhD Degree
• Former Professor at Faculty of Da wa in Islamic University in Gaza


Achievements and Awards

Member of Parliament – National List

Notable Quotations
"We heard a loud noise, and then everything went black, and then red before my eyes." Following air strike on his home.
--al-Jazeera News, September 2003
“My son Assem is a martyr and he got what he had always wished for. This is a big honor for us.” –on the killing of his son
--, July 15, 2005

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