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Mohammad Numan Alnatsheh

Mohammad Numan Alnatsheh

Sector : Public Figures, Public Figures

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1959
  • Age: 57
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Biographical Information
• Born 1959
• Lives in Hebron, West Bank
• Married, four sons
• Member of the large Natsheh clan from Hebron
Personal History
• Obtained Bachelor degree in Islamic Law from the University of Jordan
• Teacher at League of University Students.
• Member of number of Educational and Charitable Associations including Palestinian Llama League
• One of the founders of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in Palestine.
• Arrested 8 times by Israeli Occupation forces
• 1993 deported to Marj al-Zuhour, Lebanon for 9 months
• July 2002 Arrested and sentenced for 8 years, which he is currently serving at Ketziot Prison
• Was Hamas’ signatory on the Prisoners’ document


Achievements and Awards

Member of Parliament – National List

Notable Quotations
The following is from al-Hayat al-Jadidah, Ramallah, in Arabic, February 7, 2006:
• “Hamas initiated direct contacts after it won the elections to secure financial resources for the Palestinian Authority and these contacts were positive on the part of the Gulf countries and many Islamic countries expressed their readiness to support us materially and morally” – on Hamas receiving external financial support from Iran and others
• Hamas “can form a government even if no other parties participate in this government… it is a social movement and has the necessary experts, manpower and technocrats and can form a government alone, but we seek participation and not unilateral exercise of power. This is why we asked everybody to join the government."
• “A deputy who is in prison can exercise his role through consultation and submission of proposals.”
• "We are being informed on the hour about all that Hamas undertakes and it consults us on all contacts it holds and we express our viewpoint and participate in any decision the movements makes."
• “Hamas will not recognize the road map for it contains a provision on the recognition of Israel and the movement cannot recognize Israel. Therefore, it rejects the road map.

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