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Bahjat Abu Gharbiyeh

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1916
  • Age: 100
  • Curriculum vitae :


Born in Khan Younis in 1916 and participated in armed resistance during the revolts of 1939 and the Nakba of 1948,

he was one of the leaders of the Holy Salvation Army and in the battles at Al-Qastal in 1948.

Was co-founder (with Abdullah Rimawi and Abdullah Ni’was) of the Ba’ath Arab Party’s branch in Ramallah (Renaissance Party) in 1952 and member of its leadership from 1949-59,was member of the first PLO Exec.

 Committee established in Aug. 1964, where he headed the opposition to Ahmed Shuqeiri.


Achievements and Awards

He was member of the PNC, formed, together with Subhi Ghosheh and Ishaq Duzdar, the Civilian Resistance Committee in Jerusalem in May 1967; once more on the PLO Exec. Committee in 1971-72.

 He joined the Rejectionist Front in 1974; stood for PNC presidency in 1977, but was defeated by Khaled Fahum.

later head of the Ibrahimiyyeh College in Jerusalem; published his war memoirs - In the Midst of the Struggle for the Arab-Palestinian Cause: The Memoirs of Freedom Fighter Bahjat Abu Gharbieh, 1916-1949 (Arabic, Institute for Palestine Studies, 1993), describing his role in the Palestinian resistance particularly during the Great Rebellion (1936-1939) against the British and the 1948 War; addressed a major right-of-return rally in Amman in December 2001; a second volume of his memoirs covering the period between the Nakba and the Intifada (1949-2000) is published by the Arab Institute for Research and Publication in 2005.

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