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Rashad Shawwa

Rashad Shawwa

Sector : Public Figures , Public Figures

Personal Info

  • Country of residence : Palestine
  • Gender : Male
  • Born in : 1910
  • Age : 106
  • Curriculum vitae :


Born in Gaza in 1910; leading citrus merchant and landowner; spent his youth in Amman, Beirut, and Cairo, and returned to Gaza in 1949; worked with the Egyptian administration; appointed mayor of Gaza by Israel in 1971; supported UNSC Res. 242 from April 1972 and Gaza’s integration into a United Arab Kingdom from July 1972; was dismissed on 23 Oct. 1972 after disobeying a military government order; reached an agreement with the Jordanian authorities in Aug. 1972, “that all inhabitants of the Gaza Strip shall be granted Jordanian passports, on one condition – that all applicants shall obtain a good conduct certificate from Shawwa”; was re-appointed mayor of Gaza in Oct. 1975 until his disposal on 9 July 1982 after he refused to lift a municipal strike against cooperation with the new Israeli ‘Civil Administration;’ founder of Al-Kharaiyya charitable organization in Gaza; established Shawwa Cultural Center in Gaza City; pledged support to the PLO, but was consistently criticized by them; survived several assassination attempts; signed a petition for an independent Palestinian State in Sept. 1977; rejected the autonomy proposals of Menachem Begin in 1978; formed a political alliance with Fateh; became member of the Council of Higher Education in 1980; joined the call for the PLO to be recognized as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian People in 1982; nevertheless continued to advocate King Hussein’s role to negotiate on behalf of Palestinian interests and a confederation with Jordan; after 1986, called for a new Palestinian leadership that was more realistic; died of a heart attack on 28 Sept. 1988.


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