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Zulekha Al Shehabi

Zulekha Al Shehabi

Sector : Public Figures, Public Figures

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
  • Born in: 1901
  • Age: 120
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Zulaikha Al-Shihabi (1901, Jerusalem, Palestine - 1992, Jerusalem, Palestine) is a Palestinian fighter and pioneer of Palestinian feminist work. She actively participated in the national struggle throughout Palestinian history. She was the first to form the first Palestinian women's union with the aim of opposing the British Mandate (1921), and the first to She led a women's demonstration protesting the arrest of a number of leaders of the Palestinian revolution, participated in founding the Arab Women's Union (1944), and established the Women's Medical Union clinic for the care of pregnant women, a center for child care, and a center for embroidery and sewing for girls (1950).


Achievements and Awards

She founded the “Arab Women’s Association” in Jerusalem with her female friends, in response to the decisions of the first women's conference. Women also established similar associations in most cities. These associations were also known as “Arab Women's Committees,” and they will be known later as federations.

I set up an ambulance committee that goes to the field to help the wounded; Established a dispensary to treat the needy and vaccinate against communicable and contagious diseases; established a medical clinic for the care of pregnant women and a center for the care of children; She contributed to securing the orphanage, so the Union paid the expenses of educating dozens of orphans in the Islamic Orphanage


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