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Abdul Hamid Rajoub

Abdul Hamid Rajoub

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1958
  • Age: 64
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Abd al-Hamid al-Rajoub (Hebrew: עבדול חמיד רג'וב) or Abd al-Rajoub (Hebrew: עבדול רג'וב) is a Palestinian spy for Israel. with their information through a variety of methods.


his life

Abdul Hamid Rajoub from Hebron in Palestine, was a member of the Fatah movement in the seventies of the twentieth century, and during this period, he was arrested in Israeli prisons, and then members of the movement accused him of working with the Israeli occupation, so he surrendered to the prison administration, and decided to work with the intelligence Israeli; In order to take revenge on the cadres of the movement. Abdul Hamid Rajoub is considered one of the most important Palestinian agents of the Israeli occupation, and he was sentenced to death in the West Bank and by the Fatah movement after his case was exposed, but he succeeded in escaping to Israel, where he currently resides. The sources mention that Abdel Hamid had reported about his brother and had caused his detention for many years in Israeli prisons.


Abdul Hamid Rajoub is considered the first to establish “bird rooms” inside Israeli prisons and prisons, which aim to entrap Palestinian prisoners and push them to confess their information through various methods. According to a study issued by the Scientific Committee of Palestinian prisoners in Nafha prison, it warned that “90% of the confessions of the Palestinian resistance fighters during interrogation are extracted by agents who are termed (birds), stressing the need to educate Palestinian resistance fighters about the dangers of trapping and deceiving customers.” In Israeli prisons, their goal, in addition to extracting confessions by tricks and deception, is to weaken the prisoner's resolve and defeat him psychologically.


According to the sources, Abdul Hamid had married four times, to a Palestinian, a Syrian, and two Russians. His first wife bore him eight children, six of whom now live in Israel, and he has four children from his other wives. According to the same source, in the mid-1980s, Syrian President Hafez al-Assad began carrying out a campaign that included the arrest of Palestinian cells, and Abdul Hamid recalled, "He wanted to expose an Israeli spy network, and I was part of it," so he fled before he was arrested. As for his Syrian wife, according to the same source. He said that she was killed by Bashar al-Assad's men, who beat her to extract information from her. As for his daughter from this wife, he says, "The daughter who was born from her is still there. My mother-in-law begged me to leave the girl with her, because she is the only memory of her daughter. I did, and my wife’s parents are taking care of her, and I am in contact with her to this day, and she is in a safe place in Syria.” As for his first Palestinian wife, he stated that she still lives in Hebron and “is not interested in leaving the village and moving to live in Israel. No one dares to harass her or his children, who live in Israel and sometimes travel to visit their mother in the village.”


The sources also mention that Abdul Hamid was subjected to attempted murder four times, and that when there was a possibility of one of these attempts succeeding, the Israeli General Security Service informed him of the necessity of leaving the Palestinian National Authority lands, but he was late and was injured in one of the attempts, and since that time he moved to Israel and rarely goes to West Bank. Israel gave him an apartment in Lod and then in a religious neighborhood in Jerusalem, but the Israeli population didn't like an Arab next to them, so he was moved to Ashkelon, where he works as a chef in a hotel on the Mediterranean, and occasionally lectures on security and the Middle East at the Truman Institute at Hebrew University.


The Palestinian Ahrar Movement website mentions that the liberated Palestinian prisoner, Umtair Farhoud Abu Khubaiza (Abu Al-Mu'tasim), who was arrested on September 20, 2002 from Umm al-Fahm, after his house was besieged by the Israeli occupation police, was charged with many charges, including “Planning to assassinate Kamal Hammad, the agent accused of assassinating the martyr Yahya Ayyash, and planning to assassinate the agent Abdul Hamid Rajoub, founder of the so-called “Birds” inside prisons” and other charges, according to which he was sentenced to 21 years in prison, and after rounds of lawyers the sentence was reduced to 11 years, then to Eight and a half years of actual implementation and two and a half years of suspension.


The sources mention that Abdul Hamid has other brothers, and their paths in life are different from him, including his brother Muhammad, who was a member of the Fatah cell led by Abu Ali Shaheen, and Muhammad was killed in the late sixties of the twentieth century in mysterious circumstances, his body was not found and it is not known who said him. However, it is estimated that the Israeli security forces were involved in this. He also has another brother named Younes, a Palestinian militant who was imprisoned in Israel for carrying out attacks that killed Israeli soldiers. Among his relatives is Musa Rajoub, who was executed by the Fatah organization by firing squad on April 23, 2002, during his arrest for being an agent of Israel. According to Abdel Hamid, the Fatah organization kidnapped Musa from the hospital because of a mistake by the Shin Bet. I will contact him and anyone involved in the murder. We were able to reach all the seventeen people who participated in the lynching - the one who dragged Moses into the car, the person who hung him on a pole and the person who hit his head with a stone, and I said, 'Should we come or not?'




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