Model Role Details

Bashaer Othman

Bashaer Othman

Sector : Government Officials , Representatives

Personal Info

  • Country of residence : Palestine
  • Gender : Female
  • Age : 0
  • Curriculum vitae :


Bashaer Othman, a 16 year old Palestinian girl, was made Minister of Local Administration in the West Bank while the regular minister, Ehab Besaisso toured her village. She proposed the idea according to an interview she had with ABC, a Spanish newspaper.
Within her one day reign, she established a youth council so that they could have an avenue through which they can influence governing policies. She also used the opportunity to get a letter to the United Nations, asking the international body to reverse a recent Israeli Army decision to close a landfill in the town of Al Bira, leaving people with no alternative but to burn trash around their homes, thus exposing themselves to health risks.
This is not the first time the young lady is serving in government. Last year, she served as the mayor of her hometown of Allar, trying to sort out the problems of its 9000 inhabitants. For two months, Bashaer Othman worked with a council of fellow youths who were selected for this unique program that according to the elected mayor, Sufian Shahid, was intended to spur more young people into participating in the civil society and becoming part of the future political system. During her reign as mayor, Bashaer handled every aspect of the council except finances, and the duly elected officials were on hand to mentor her and her council.


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