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Mohammed Salman Abu Jamea

Mohammed Salman Abu Jamea

Sector : Science, Scientists

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1949
  • Age: 73
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Sheikh Nasser Al-Sunnah Muhammad bin Salman bin Hussein Abu Jameh, Chairman of the Salaf Scholars Association - Palestine.



The Sheikh was born in the Arab Republic of Egypt in 1949 to a Palestinian father and an Egyptian mother, in the midst of a religious and conservative family. His parents sought refuge in the land of Kinana after the Zionist occupation of the coastal city of Jaffa in Palestine.



- He was raised, received knowledge and memorized the Qur’an in al-Katatib of the Sharkia Governorate in Egypt, and returned with his family to occupied Palestine in 1954 AD.

He joined government education in Khan Yunis, and finished his school education in 1968.

- He joined the Faculty of Sharia at the University of Jordan in 1973 and graduated in 1977 with a bachelor's degree in Islamic Sharia.

He obtained a master's degree in 1994 from the American University of the World.

He obtained a PhD in Philosophy in Religion in 1997 from the same university.

- He received a professorship in 2005 in many doctrinal and jurisprudential scientific researches.


His advocacy career

- He began his advocacy journey with the working scholar Sheikh Salim Shurrab and played a major role in spreading the Salafist call and eliminating innovations and polytheisms in the Gaza Strip and within the Green Line.

- He met Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz, the Grand Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and received knowledge from him. He was appointed as a preacher in the General Presidency of the Departments of Scientific Research, Call and Guidance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 1978 to date.

- He led the move that closed the “Freedom Cinema” in Khan Yunis and turned it into a center for the Salafist call and the Sunnis. Today, it became the headquarters of the “Dar Al-Kitab and Al-Sunnah Association.” This event was one of the most important influential stations in the history of the Salafist call in Palestine in general and the Gaza Strip in particular.

He and his sheikh Salim Shurrab and some of the Sunnis worked on removing the Ahl al-Sunnah mosque from the administration of the Khan Yunis municipality to the administration of the Sunnis directly.

He worked to demolish shrines and graves that are worshiped instead of God, and to eliminate birthdays and other innovations.

He was a representative of "Dar Al-Kitab and Al-Sunnah" in the Mecca and Qatar conferences.

- Participated in many local, Arab, Islamic and international conferences.

- Participated in many different workshops and seminars.

He stopped speaking during the occupation era, the Palestinian Authority era, and the Hamas government era.

He established the General Presidency of the Zakat and Charity Committees in the eastern villages of Khan Yunis in 1990, where it contributed to spreading the correct awareness of unification by publishing religious books and various pamphlets.

- He founded the Salaf Scholars Association in Palestine in 2006, which includes a group of scholars and sheikhs known for their knowledge and merit.

- Elected head of the Salaf Scholars Association in Palestine in 2006 to date.

He returned to public speaking in mid-2012 after many mediations by the sheikh’s lover, after he was arrested for more than six years, and banned after six months for political reasons.

He authored many books and scientific publications, some of which are published and others unpublished.

Presented many radio and visual programs from 1994 to 2007.

He wrote a lot of different articles in local and Arab newspapers, magazines, and internet sites.

He worked as a teacher of Sharia subjects at the Al-Azhari Gaza Institute from 1980 AD until 1994 AD.

He worked in the university teaching field from 1984 to 1994 at the Islamic University, Al-Azhar University, and the College of Science and Technology.

He worked in the Palestinian Authority as a religious guide for its security services from 1994 to 2005.

- He became commissioner general for religious guidance for all security and police agencies in 2005 and until 2009.

He was arrested by the occupation forces several times, the longest of which was in 1986, when he was administratively detained, and the military judiciary considered him a threat to the security of the Hebrew state in the southern sector of the country.

- He confronted the corrupt and corrupt in the various organs of the Palestinian Authority and was arrested more than eight times in the prisons of the Authority until they decided to submit him to the State Security Court in 2000.

He called for dialogue between Fatah and Hamas before the strife occurred between them, and issued various publications for that, as he was one of the staunch opponents of the shedding of Palestinian blood in the strife that occurred between Fatah and Hamas in 2006-2007 AD, and he played an active role in warning of sedition and bloodshed.


His writings

Sheikh Muhammed Abu Jame’ Abu Osama wrote many books, including:

1- The Islamic religion and its moral effects on Muslims and its reflection on the society in which they live (Gaza Strip / Palestine). Ph.D. 1417 AH - 1997 AD.

2- Islamic Mysticism “A Study between Praisers and Detractors” One of the Master’s Degree Research. 1415 AH - 1995 AD.

3- The good news of the honorable Sunnah of the Prophet. One of the professor's degree research. 1425 AH - 2005 AD. 4- Fasting the month of Ramadan and the required kindness and charity. 1423 AH - 2003 AD. 5- Ruling according to what God Almighty has revealed between the observant, obedient, and the merchants of religion, among the scholars, rulers, and the ruled, who are excessive and hypocritical. A research professorship degree. 1425 AH - 2005 AD.

6- It is clear and beneficial in the almsgiving of al-Fitr, the sacrifice and the Eid prayer. 1428 AH - 2008 AD.

7- The reality of fanaticism in the fanatic. 1410 AH - 1990 AD.

8- Wasting public money between the subjects and the rulers. 1419 AH - 1999 AD.

9- The Fifty Mosques from the famous saying of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, to Abu Jami’, on the authority of the book: “The Good News…” 1431 A.H. - 2011 A.D.

10- A book of legal fatwas 1434 AH - 2010 AD.

11- From the book Important Islamic Topics: 1431 AH - 2011 AD.


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