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Ahmad Samih Khalidi

Ahmad Samih Khalidi

Sector : Academic Figures , Intellectual

Personal Info

  • Country of residence : Lebanon
  • Gender : Male
  • Born in : 1896
  • Age : 119
  • Curriculum vitae :


Born in 1896, studied at al-Mutran (St. George) School in Jerusalem. Then joined the Arab University in Beirut for one year. Was conscripted when WW1 broke out. He found his way to the Ottoman College of Medicine in Beirut, where he studied pharmacy.

After the war he went back to the AUB where he graduated with Bsc. in 1925; served in the British Mandate government's educational department; principal of the "Teacher's College" which he renamed as "The Arab College" in Jerusalem; appointed Deputy-Director of Education in 1941.

Achievements and Awards

Translator and author of many books on education and psychology; played an important role in developing the Palestinian Arab educational curriculum focusing on nationalization and Arabization and in changing teaching methods as well as teacher-student relations towards more independent thinking; After the 1936/1937 disturbances,

 Ahmed together with some of his friends, started a project called "The Farm of Dir 'Amr" to sponsor the orphans who lost their parents during the turmoil in Palestine. He made it a point to make available for these orphans the best possible education on the same footing with the best at the time; died in 1951; father of Walid al-Khalidi who became, an outstanding representative of a new generation of Palestinian intellectuals. 

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