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Ahmad Abu Houli

Ahmad Abu Houli

Sector : Academic Figures , Doctors

Personal Info

  • Country of residence : Palestine
  • Gender : Male
  • Born in : 1968
  • Age : 45
  • Curriculum vitae :


Biographical Information
 Born 1968 in al-Maghazi
Personal History
 Obtained his MA in sociology from Ein Shams University in Egypt
 Obtained his PhD in sociology in Egypt
 Former head of al-Azhar University graduate society
 Founder of Palestinian Society for Research and Social Studies
 Lecturer in Palestinian universities
 Director of the Ministry of Interior in Gaza

Achievements and Awards

Parliamentarian - Deir al-Balah District
Member of Fatah

Notable Quotations
“Hamas leaders should understand that there is a big difference between their speech as an organization bearing inflammatory slogans in their political platform and their speech as a Palestinian government that represents all of the Palestinian people.”

“The majority of Fatah members refuse to participate in the next Hamas government on the grounds of differences between the two platforms and the Fatah's intention to exercise the constructive opposition besides bridging the gaps within Fatah movement.”

“Hamas is the only one that can answer this subject. And it should take into consideration that when the Palestinian people granted it their confidence, they waiting for the movement to be adhere to its slogan the change and reform towards a better future."

“Fatah will respect any Hamas decision that takes into consideration the service and interest of the Palestinian people by enforcing law and order, fighting corruption and lawlessness and adhering to the Palestinian standpoints and rights.”
“Everyone knows that the Palestinian blood and the military escalation against us are the sole slogans of the Israeli radical parties namely "Kadima" that wants to promote the causes of the settlers and Jewish extremists as well.”
-- International Press Center, June 3, 2006

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