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Derar Eleyan

Sector : Academic Figures , Doctors

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  • Country of residence : Palestine
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 0
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Derar Eleyan is one of Birzeit University’s Faculty Members which is a very well-known university located in Palestine. Dr. Eleyan holds a PhD degree in Computation from university of Manchester and currently works for the faculty of Computer Science.



Achievements and Awards


-          Eleyan, D. 2003 Multimedia Messaging Service in the third Generation mobile. Thesis (Msc). London South Bank University.
-          Eleyan, D. (2010) Project Review Solution-Directed Model: Using System Dynamics Modeling. Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany. Available at
-          Eleyan, D., Sawalhi, N. (2010) Project Review in the Project Management: An investigation Study on Earned Value and Balanced Scorecard. Journal of Statistics and Management Systems, Vol 13 , issue 6, PP. 1187-1209. (Abstract available at
-          Eleyan, D., Loucopoulos P. (2011) A Dynamic Model for Project Review in the Construction Industry, Journal of Information Technology in Construction, Vol. 16, pg. 577-600.
-          Eleyan, D. & Eleyan, A. 2011. Coaching, Tutoring and Mentoring in the Higher Education as a solution ‎to retain students in their major and help them achieve success. The International Arab Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education, May 10 – 12, 2011,  Zarqa University. Jordan.
-          Alzain, S. , Eleyan D., Garfield , J , 2012. Automated User Interface Testing for Web Applications and TestComplete, CUBE2012, The International IT Conference and Exhibition, 3-5 Sept 2012, Pune, India. India's largest and most comprehensive Information Technology Event.
-          Eleyan D., Al-katib I.  Garfield J., 2013, System dynamics model for hospital waste characterization and generation in developing countries, , Journal of Waste Management & Research, Vol 31, Issue 10, PP 986-995.
-          Mafarja, M. , Eleyan D.,  2013. Ant Colony Optimization based Feature Selection in Rough Set Theory, 2nd International Conference on Computer Engineering and Information Technology (ICCEIT'13), 13th -14th May2013, Dubai, UAE.
-          Alzain, S. , Eleyan D.  Hassouneh, Y., 2013, Comparing GUI Automation Testing  Tools for Dynamic Web Applications, , Asian Journal of Computer and Information Systems, (Accepted).
-          Al-Shanti D., Eleyan D.  2014 Usability Framework for Universities  Websites, 6th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference on Applied Computing (URC2014), April 30th –May 1st 2014, Zayed University, UAE, Dubai.
-          Eleyan, D. & Eleyan, A. 2014. Adopting Continuing Personal and Professional Development To Improve Quality of Teaching (Personal Experience),Arab Journal of Quality in Education (accepted)
-          Al-katib I. , Eleyan D., Garfield J., A Solid Waste System Dynamics Model to Predict Municipal Waste Generation and Management Costs in Developing Countries, Journal of Waste Management & Research, (Under Review).

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