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Musallam Bseiso

Sector : Academic Figures , Intellectual

Personal Info

  • Country of residence : Jordan
  • Gender : Male
  • Born in : 1926
  • Age : 91
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Musallam Wajih Bseiso "born on 10 January 1926" is a Palestinian thinker, intellectual, journalist, and politician.

Musallam Bseiso was born in Bisan, Palestine. He attended school in Beersheba and Gaza, graduating from The Bishop Gobat School in Jerusalem. From the rise of his youth, he worked and participated in the creation of numerous Jordanian and Arab newspapers. At an early age, he was already writing for the Haifa and Jerusalem newspapers. Additionally, he was a correspondent stationed in Gaza for a number of newspapers in the 1940s, including the Associated Press (1948), the Egyptian "Al-Ahram", and the Jordanian "Al-Nasr". In 1951, he founded his own weekly newspaper, Al-Hawadeth (Arabic: (Arabic: الحوادث‎)), in Jordan. Two years later, in 1952, Musallam Bseiso was elected as secretary of the Jordanian Press Syndicate.

Mr. Bseiso is still actively involved in issues pertaining to the liberation of Palestine culturally, politically, and in the media.

In 1945, he worked as a writer and correspondent in the city of Gaza for the following daily and weekly newspapers: “al-Sha’ab” Daily, Jaffa “Nida’ al-Ard” Weekly, Jaffa “Sawt al-Sha’ab” Weekly, Bethlehem “al-wihda” Daily, Jerusalem “al-sawadi” Weekly, Cairo

In 1948, he worked as a war correspondent in the Jordanian, Iraqi and Egyptian fronts after the cessation of hostilities under an armistice on May 15, 1948. Bseiso attended the meetings that followed the truce (between the Israelis and representatives of the Jordanian and Egyptian armies), in his capacity as an assistant war correspondent to the famous journalist John Roderick (of the Associated Press). He then worked as a reporter at the HQ of the Arab News Agency (Reuter) in Cairo.

While working in Palestine in 1948, Bseiso was the first to deliver (broadcast/announce/cover) the news about the assadssination of Count Folke Bernadotte (the United Nations Security Council’s mediator in the Arab-Israeli conflict of 1947-1948), who was assassinated in Jerusalem by the Israeli extremist group Lehi, while pursuing his official duties and meeting with the Israeli side, after he had already met with the Jordanian side.

Between 1968-1979, Bseiso worked as a General Director of the Jordanian Paper and Cardboard Factories Company. He helped establish the Arab Union of the paper and printing industries, the formation of which was announced in Cairo, and he was elected as Vice-President of the Union.

After the Camp David Accords, and the relocation of the Union’s headquarters to Baghdad, Bseiso was elected as Secretary-General of the Union, until 1982.


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