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Jarrar Qudwa

Jarrar Qudwa

Sector : Business , Businessmen

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  • Country of residence : Saudi Arabia
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 0
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 Place of birth: Khan Yunus.
- Alma Mater: Faculty of Arts - University of Fuad I (University of Cairo now) -
department of Arabic and Semitic languages.
- Worked in educational professions for 3 years after graduation, and then back to
college to prepare graduate studies in 1948, but ceased due to the Palestinian
catastrophe (nakba) in the same year.
- Martial status: married in 1956 and father of 4 (two boys and two girls) whom all
graduated from Riyadh University and London University.
- Went to Saudi Arabia and worked for the government and companies investing in
public works with the Saudi government, and worked for several years in translation
and manager of accounting and payrolls for PICTEL, Riyadh (1949-1959).
- Worked in City Bank since 1959 and promoted to general manager in 1975, deputy
chairman in 1977 and then to senior trust officer in 1983, which the highest rank ever
achieved by an Arab in the Bank since inception 180 years ago. In 1980, he became
one of Saudi-American Bank founders upon nationalization of the Bank, and given
the authority to grant facilitations until resignation in 1988.
- Joined FATAh organization in 1962, and nominated in 1967 (after June war) for
membership of the popular committee for care of martyr families and Palestinian
guerillas in Riyadh (headed by prince Salman Bin Abdul Aziz). He was unanimously
elected as secretary and office manager, where he spent 14 years.
- Elected by the revolutionary council held in Tunisia, 1989 with a majority of 96% to
head FATAH financial control committee.
- Returned to Palestine in late 1995 with the advent of PNA, appointed president of
General Control Institute and appointed in 1996 governor on behalf of Palestine in the
Islamic Bank for Development, Jeddah. Represented Palestine in meetings of the
administrative committee and higher council of Jerusalem and al-Aqsa funds, and
supervised financing and implementing of all projects approved by these two funds a
well as management of the Islamic Bank for Development, Jeddah.
- Translated and published 'Zionist Plan for the Middle East' for free, and published in
cooperation with the national security information center a 422 pages book, which is a
collection of Mr. Mohammad Hasaneen Haikal's articles, in which he talked about
Palestine, Zionism and the middle east.
- Retired in February 2006. 


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