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Sharif Shakhshir

Sharif Shakhshir

Sector : Business , Banking

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  • Country of residence : Lebanon
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 0
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Sharif Shakhshir was born in Southern California to a Palestinian father and American mother. Due to the clash of cultures they soon divorced and for many years, while living with his mother, his life was devoid of Arabic culture. At the age of 12, Sharif began living with his father who almost immediately put him on a plane, for what was to be the first of many trips during following summers, to Beirut and other family in Europe to discover his family and his Arabic roots. This was late '70s and early '80s and Beirut was in the middle of a civil war. Despite the war, he fell in love with the music, food, the overwhelming hospitality, chaotic driving and drama that seems to both invade and express itself throughout Arabic life. There is passion everywhere. Sharif's interest in international affairs lead to an interest in economics, finance and the markets. He did well in school, graduating with both a Bachelor's and a Master's of Science in Financial Engineering all while working for various banks, hedge fnds and a consulting firm that advised the largest banks in the nation on managing trading, balance sheet optimization and risk management. When he is not working, Sharif is reading about Arabic history, politics, cooking, language and religion and attending/promoting various Arabic cultural events. He was Treasurer for American Friends of Al Quds University and is now Treasurer for the Arab Film Festival (Los Angeles). He believes that arts and education are the best way to enlighten the West of the virtues of the rich culture of the Middle East.

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