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Hussein Alusseini (BEY)

Hussein Alusseini (BEY)

Sector : Public Figures , Public Figures

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  • Country of residence : Palestine
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 0
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Born in Jerusalem; son of Salim Husseini, mayor of Jerusalem under the Ottomans; inherited his father’s mayoral position following his death; served as mayor of Jerusalem from 1910-1915; stressed in an interview with the Egyptian Al-Iqdam paper in March 1914 the distinction between Zionism, which did not risk Palestine, and the real risk stemming from the settlers movement, and the subsequent necessity to prevent land sales to Jews; was appreciated by Muslims, Christian and Jews alike for his work for the development and progress of the city, incl. paving roads, ensuring cleans streets, and initialing a sewage network project (partly financed from Jewish communities outside the country); also served as Director of the Red Crescent Society, established in 1915; promoted Arab-Jewish understanding; cooperated with Jews and Christians in an attempt to create a ‘post-Ottoman’ alternative; formally surrendered Jerusalem to the British Military Administration on 9 Dec. 1917, after the Allied Forces led by Gen. Allenby had conquered the city; signed an official decree of surrender a few days later, handing the keys of the city gates to Gen. Allenby; died a couple of weeks later around Jan. 1918; his brother Musa Kathem Al-Husseini succeeded him as mayor.


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