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Othman Abdullah Abu Gharbiyeh

Othman Abdullah Abu Gharbiyeh

Sector : Public Figures , Public Figures

Personal Info

  • Country of residence : Palestine
  • Gender : Male
  • Born in : 1946
  • Age : 70
  • Curriculum vitae :


Born in Jerusalem in 1946; moved in the early 1950s with his family to Hebron, where he completed his secondary education; involved in different political activities, leading to his arrest in 1963 by Jordanian authorities; member of Fateh since 1963; studied at the Faculty of Law, Damascus University; arrested again and jailed in Hebron Prison in 1966; left the university following the War of 1967 and joined Al-’Asifa forces; enrolled at the Nankin Military Academy, People’s Republic of China, graduating as a Lieutenant in 1969; appointed General Officer of Al-’Asifa forces in Jordan; became Assistant Commander of the 201 Battalion in Jerash and the Jordan Valley; participated in the battles between Lebanese forces and the fedayeen in the Fall of 1969; started a military cadres school for Al-’Asifa forces in Lebanon; among the Palestinian fighters in Jordan during the Black September events; left Jordan following the offensive of the Jordanian army on the fedayeen and the death of Walid Nimr (Abu Ali Iyad); took different Palestinian military posts in Lebanon; assigned by Fateh on various military missions, incl. a visit to the Republic of Yemen; participated in the 1973 resistance in Southern Lebanon and then in the Golan Front; graduated from a Military Academy in the USSR in 1976; returned to Fateh military missions in Lebanon; was briefly imprisoned by the Lebanese Kata’eb forces during the War in Lebanon; joined the Fateh Mobilization and Organization Office in 1977, while continuing his work with the military cadres school; appointed to the Fateh Dept. for European and Asian Issues, facing different battles with Zionist organizations; survived an assassination attempt in Istanbul; elected Fateh Revolutionary Council member in 1980; Vice-Commissioner of the Fateh Mobilization and Organization Office; assigned to lead Fateh’s forces in Syria following the moving of PLO leadership to Tunisia in 1982; joined Fateh in Tunisia in 1983; PNC member since 1984; PLO Central Council member; opposed to the Oslo Accords but returned to Palestine following the establishment of the PA; served as an assistant of Pres. Arafat on Fateh’s Political and National Guidance Dept.s; survived another assassination attempt near his home in Ar-Ram, near Jerusalem; became Chairman of the PNC’s Parliamentary and External Affairs Committee; member of the PLO Higher Military Committee; elected by the Fateh Revolutionary Council as head of the Membership Committee (sub-committee of the Conference Preparation Committee) at its 6th conference in Feb. 2005. was elected member of Fateh Central Committee at Fateh 6th Convention in Bethlehem on August 4th 2009.


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